I am excited to share my new ebook, 260 Questions Paul the Apostle of Christ Asked. Leading with questions isn't just about asking, it's about asking the questions that bring about deeper learning and understanding.  

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 260 Questions Paul the Apostle of Christ Asked —English

 261 Questions Paul the Apostle of Christ Asked —Spanish

 Little Book of Big Quotes—English

 Now That's A Great Question!—English

 Now That's A Great Question!—Albanian

  Now That's A Great Question!—Polish

  Now That's A Great Question!—Portuguese

  Now That's A Great Question!—Spanish

   Now That's A Great Question!—English audiobook

  Now That's A Great Question!—Farsi audiobook

  Now That's A Great Question!—Portuguese audiobook

   Now That's A Great Question!—Spanish audiobook

 Great Leaders Ask Questions — English

  Great Leaders Ask Questions—Spanish

 Great Leaders Ask Questions—French

  Great Leaders Ask Questions—English audiobook

  Great Leaders Ask Questions—Spanish audiobook

  Great Leaders Ask Questions—Traditional Chinese

 Great Leaders Ask Questions—Simplified Chinese 

 Great Leaders Ask Questions—Urdu

 Great Leaders Ask Questions - Portuguese 

 Great Leaders Ask Questions - Portuguese audiobook

 339 Questions Jesus Asked - English

 329 Questions Jesus Asked - Spanish

 316 Questions Jesus Asked - French

 301 Questions Jesus Asked - Traditional Chinese

 301 Questions Jesus Asked - Simplified Chinese

 335 Questions Jesus Asked - Portuguese

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